Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Difference between Black and White Women in Bed!

Its Tuesday morning, I'm at work and this should be like the furthest thing on my mind but it just found its way into my head, just like that, no permission. Lol. I do love my thoughts, they keep me company :p

A few weeks ago a couple of friends and I were discussing the difference between blacks and white. Which is black women with white guys and black men with white women. I asked what the difference was when they have sex with white women and boy did the guys have a lot to say. Lol. According to them white women are more.....what's the word...Spontaneous I guess. They experiment more in bed, 'flip me over, spank my ass, fuck me up against the wall, squeeze my neck (okay hold on ma'am, aint nobody tryna die)'... and many more but us black women they say just lie there which I completely disagree with, I dunno who they've been fucking but they need proper orientation in this creative art class. 

So I told them what I heard, that white women don't get as wet as black women, or rather they don't stay wet as long as we do and yea...they didn't disagree with me. Lol. The beautiful thing about us getting wet is the fact that we don't even have to be naked and ready for sex, we can just be standing infront of a guy we're attracted to and #BAM, the tingly feeling starts, lol. 

In 2006 I remember walking into Bacchus and seeing my ex who I was close friends with and I don't know what came over me, I hadn't seen him in like almost 2 years then but we stayed friends and kept intouch, we were talking and dissing each other as usual but my mind had gone to bed and back, I pulled him close and said 'Dude I'm wet' and he started laughing but was turned on by what I said... It was like my first time really experiencing that and noticing it. Till today he still calls me crazy.

I'm not about to find out the scientific reason to all this but I appreciate mother nature for it. Lol. And that talk of black women not talking or being spontaneous in bed, I do not agree. Lol. I shall get back to my Fruit-tella and my work. Enjoy your day

Love Lowla


  1. Mz.Adamson!! Are you sure about the wetness thingy??

  2. I should also add that if a woman doesn't get wet when she is having sex with you, sir she is not that attracted to you or you are not doing your job well. Try starting out with proper foreplay and don't just stick it in like that. You're welcome.

  3. Lol Black women definitely do get wet on the spot especially in the presence of some eye candy. Most white women experiment a lot because they are still looking for their fix...we black women know our fix and expect to be serviced accordingly if not .....unto the next shaft....lol

  4. i think its all in the mind...i am a friend(close) from ur 1st yr in okd...

  5. There's no such thing as some are wetter than others. truth. white women are more spontaneous. BUT. To black men. As in, percentage-wise, 99% yes to "let's fuck". Black women are more like "nigga, you gotta put in work first". So of course, easy prey gets the number one vote. What I'm saying is, white women LOVE black guys, and will do a lot more for them IMMEDIATELY, than a black woman would.
    Nothing like fucking a black woman though. Even a white boy will tell you, "Black bitches got dat bomb ass pussy".

    1. I am a white male and i never been with a white female. Black females are just more attractive and know how to ride

  6. Black women hands down get more wet then white women. Im a guy that has had many many different partners but only 3 black women. Those 3 were by far more wet then any white woman ive been with and ive been with 80+ white women.

  7. Black women are the best! Period! I'm a 26yr old white man. I have no reason to lie!

  8. I agree. I have been with several partners , black and white. Black pussy has been wetter and they release certain hormones white women do not.that's bot scientifically proven but it's my experience.

    1. yes i agree to that just dot know what it is but the first time i just wanted to try black pussy ones to se why lots of men say its the best pussy i told the black woman that i wanted to do it only ones after we fucked and i cum like never before she smiled at me and said see u later again white boy i told her that i said only onetime she then kissed me and said " ones a white man go black he never go back " so white boy u r addicted to black pussy now. that was 34 years ago and still today i love black pussy

  9. White woman's sexual attraction to white men = X1
    White woman's sexual attraction to black men = X2
    Black woman's sexual attraction to black men = X3
    Black woman's sexual attraction to white men = X4

    These are all different types of sexual energy.

    Typically for swirlers, we are already at a higher level of 'kink' to unashamedly date the other race, I would expect swirlers to naturally be better in bed.

    I think, compared to being with their same race... A black woman is going to have more fire with a white guy than with a black guy. Same with a white woman's fire with a black guy compared to a white guy.

    Being a white male, I have more fire with a black woman, and see black women as outperforming white women. Which fits my hypothesis.

  10. Well I've been with just about every race. That being said, black women are the best lovers, at least for me. Yes I agree, the black women are wetter than other races. In terms of wetness overall, heavier women tend to get more wet than thinner women, but weight factors aside, black women definitely produce more wetness. Also black women can constructed differently, in that they have more musculature in their posterior. I guess some men wouldn't like it, but if you like a powerful push back during intercourse, black women are generally better. On a very subjective level, a black woman is also much more likely to wake you up and arouse you for more action after the first. Even the most prim and proper black women are wonderfully insatiable after that first act of intercourse.

    Anyway, I know this is all not PC, but I thought I'd share my thoughts. I prefer black women, and I'm quite happy with my gorgeous black girlfriend and our adorable baby.

  11. I don't agree that white women are more spontaneous. First of all, be specific when using that word. Do you mean non-vanilla sex? Or just doing something different every time while in bed. There are plenty of black women, myself included, who love kinky sex. If you want something different in the bedroom, just ask. Black women know what they want, and won't accept anything else. So if the man is not pleasing in the bedroom, he needs to improve or go. White women are more passive in the bedroom and probably won't say anything if their partner is doing something they don't like or just not pleasing them. So of course lazy men or unspontaneous men are going to find white women more appealing in the bedroom.

  12. My dick is so powerful that only African pussies could handle it without complain. Most European women could not manage it even though I later got married to one. Our tanra chair has totally become a book shelf.

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  14. I have had black and white girlfriends. My current girlfriend is Kenyan.
    I agree about the 'wetness' observation, and in all fairness I have found sex with black women to be full on passion, waking up the next day with teeth marks and scratches everywhere!
    But.....black women are so sexy and sassy...I love them!

  15. I'm Hispanic male but look white, and I've been with Hispanic, White, Black, and Asian women. There are hot sexy freaks in every race, but in my experience I would put black women as the most freaky / hot at sex. As a black woman said upthread, if the two people are of extreme opposite races, it makes for hotter sex. Both people are just waaay more into it and hungry for each other. I've found this to be true with my ex who was a sexy black woman. And yes, she seemed wetter than the rest and stayed wet a long time. She craved sex more than the rest, and was way more spontaneous and free as in having sex with me in public places, and she was insatiable and always wanted me to cum in her. It was so hot. I think it had to do with us looking so different, it made me want her more because to me her differences were what made her so hot and sexy, and me to her. That's why black guys with white women have really hot sex, and white (or other) men with black women have really hot sex. Just the way it works, its not a racist thing to say, its damn hot!