Monday, 13 May 2013

Cougars And Pumas!!!

In today's society we have older women dating younger guys and even getting married to them. Some people frown against this, even if the woman is just about 2-4 years older than the man. Now let's look at this properly, starting with the definitions:
A cougar is a woman in her 40's (and above) who is primarily attracted to and also has sex with men 10 years (and below) younger than her. So if you're in your 40's and you're dating or having sexual relationships with guys in their 20's....yes ma'am you're a Cougar.
A puma is a woman in her 30's who dates men about 7 years younger than her. However the definition of a puma in the UK is quite different, they define a puma as a single woman who pursues more mature and older men... I like to stick to my first definition. Lol. So if you're in your 30's and your boyfriend is in his early or close to mid 20's then yes ma''re a Puma.
Let's all understand the difference between the 2... Cougars start from 40's and above and Pumas 30's.

So I asked myself, if you're say 28, 29 or 30 and you're dating a 21, 22 or 23 years old guy then what does that make you?? I say a Puma. Lol. And if you fall in between, let's say the guy is about 3-5 years younger than you then I'd say...Hmmm...Age is just a number, Lol. I guess its safe to say its all somehow confusing but at least you all know where you stand now. *wink*. Lol.

So the question is, why is this tagged as wrong and unacceptable? I guess in the African society, tradition frowns on things like this and this dates back to many years ago. So why do we have Cougars, Why does it happen? Well it happens because it can. For cougars, they are at their sexual peak. I stated in my 'Wives Who Cheat' post that women get more horny when they clock 40. It happens because who better than a younger guy to fulfill their sexual needs, they have the stamina and that's really all they need to fulfill their sexual hunger. So I say again, give your wife what she needs early so she doesn't go preying on younger cats when she's 40+ and also keep fit, women love a fit man, :-). I also feel that if a woman passes the age of matrimony before she gets herself an older and mature partner that shares the same passion as she does then she will definitely go into recreational flavoring of younger men. However if you're single and in your 40's then by all means do what makes you happy.

Guys tend to like cougars. You ask why? Well because they are an unusual and very interesting breed, they are mature and exciting, they seem to think and also want what men want which is sex with no strings attached. A puma is different, she is not 10 years and above older than her man, she still sees something meaningful coming out of their relationship, it is also not just sex with no strings attached for them... Yes I know we have women in their 30's who are single and just want to have sexual relationships with guys in their 20's.. That is however what it is... Just sex.

'What about you Lowla' you ask? Lol. Well, I have dated someone 2 years younger than me. Because of my looks, I get guys that are bout 2-5 years younger than I am approach me more coz they feel I'm in my mid 20's. This is not saying that they leave when they realize I'm older than them, Lol.. My friends and I discuss about this age difference issue a lot and I say to them, if I find a guy younger than me, who is into me, who is mature (please note that maturity has got nothing to do with age) and responsible, the whole 9 yards...and I see something good there, yes I will date or/and marry him.. Then they ask 'but what is the lowest you can go?'... Lol. And I say, can't be more than 2-3 years younger than me.. I'm still under the 'age is just a number' category. Lol. A lot of my fact all my 'close' friends do not see themselves ending up with guys younger than them...I'm the odd one out and my friends still love me for expressing myself the way I do :-). I'm not one to dwell too much on age difference (within the circle I'm comfortable with). I see something, I like it and its worth going for, I go for it...

This is a broad and interesting topic but I will stop here now. You know where you stand, you know what you want (go for it). I don't judge and I don't advice anyone to either. We weren't all created the same way, brought up the same way, think the same way nor like the same things. Remember, no 2 DNA's in the world are the same ;-)

Love Lowla


  1. I ve the hots for a guy 2 yrs younger than me o. I date older men cos they are mature. This particular young guy is more mature than guys my age...and he's HOT! Damn! But's too short to ask if its right or wrong!