Monday, 27 January 2014

Words/Statements Men make that piss Women off

I was in the office today when some guy who has been on my case buzzed me. He's been asking me out on a date for months and everytime I declined,  it got to a point I started giving him excuses coz he just never took no for an answer. He was at it again today and started irritating me with some lines I hate hearing.  

So I figured why not come up with some things men say to us women which we hate. Lol. Enjoy and please comment with yours as well. Maybe they'll get the picture and stop saying these things. *wink*

'Don't worry, I won't put it inside, just the tip'.... Kai some men are bastards sha, lol. Just the tip abi? Alakori oloshi oloriburuku (3 insults in yoruba that sounds nice when saying it together but I can't say I know what it means, lol). This line I picked up from some Nigerian movies, when the man who is most def old or quite mature is trying to sleep with a younger girl. This hasn't happened to me but I can swear that it has to a lot of women out there. This i would consider a special case, Pervs please leave young girls alone!

'Baby I'm sorry'.... This is probably one of the most annoying statements I have heard and will hear, specially when you hear it over and over again. I really don't like it when people beg me, Infact my boyfriend knows how much I hate this line but he still says it, lol. Its obviously the 1st thing that pops up in his head when he knows he has fucked up or pissed me off... 'Baby I'm sorry'... Please stop saying it, in other words don't do what will make you say these words to me, let's not even get this far. Lol

'Relax'..... Sir, are you mad? Don't tell me to relax. You and your balls should relax, Lol. Have any of you ladies been with a guy who just doesn't want to get it into his head that you're not interested in having sex with him... He's patting your back and trying to be nice and then he says 'Relax, just Relax'.... Abi weyre ni man yi ni (or is this man mad), I say I'm not doing. Or you're in a hurry and a guy is trying to keep you waiting, you're clearly not in the mood and he says, 'Just relax now, stay another hour'... You must be high on cheap crack! Relax is very annoying and irritating. Arrrggggggh

'It won't happen again'.... This my boyfriend still says, dare I say he loves to say it and when he does the apologetic eyes and lips come along with it. Lol (father Lord bring this statement to an end). Boyfriends and husbands out there, why did it happen in the first place? Why did you leave the toilet seat up, or keep us waiting for minutes while you had long chats with your friends, why did you tell me to cook if you knew you were not hungry, why is the clean shirt mixed up with the dirty ones? Why Why Why? And please don't say it won't happen again if you know that you will still do it, don't try and fool us. This has got to stop, some of us can't take it for long (whatever it is you are all battling with your men). Lol

'OKAY'.... Some men can frustrate you to the point of killing them. You're having a serious convo with them, over bb or phone or face to face, you lay everything out on the table, and all he says back to you is 'Okay'... Yeeeeeeee, I can murder someone for this. Or he says 'okay, it won't happen again'... Sir let me just lock you up in a box for a year now instead of killing you... Say something damnit, when we talk, we expect you to talk as well, say something tangible and sensible back. The worst is actually 'Ok' or 'KK'.... Ko ti e ni wa da fun e ati 'kk' e (it won't even be good for you and your 'kk')

The worst of it all is when they don't say anything at allllllll. Lol, the fact that we say don't say some things doesn't mean you shouldn't talk at all,  its actually the 'WORZZT', Lol.

I rest my case, may God bless our men and keep them. Amen!

Love Lowla

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  1. Hmmm...Hilarious...Alot of guys doesnt pay attention to such details and body language