Sunday, 26 January 2014

Life Comparisons

Hey guys, I haven't written in a bit. So much going on, good and bad, troubles of the heart, work wahala.... That's just life in general right? Lol. Before I forget, Happy New Year all. Only great things this year.

My bestfriend just called me and we had a long conversation about life, relationships and just life in general I guess. She's the one person I can run to when I feel down and she gets angry that I don't do it often.

She made so many valid points when talking to me and advicing me, she said things we don't see when we rush for certain things in life. The truth is we have to love ourselves and want 'our own' in life. A lot of us compare ourselves to other people, we shouldn't coz we are perfect as we are. If you look at someone you went to college with and they are doing so well in life, do not compare your life to theirs. If you want to then why not compare yourself with the ones who are dead, or those who have no limbs or those who are way below your level in the world today.

No 2 DNA's in the world are the same (I say this a lot), your destiny's are not the same, God didn't write your life stories to be the same. You are who you are, unique in your own special way. Love yourself and appreciate those who are always there for you, nothing worse than feeling un-appreciated. We all know these things but do we really practice it? I hear you say Its hard to practice but easy to say. If you take it one day at a time trust me it'll become a part of you.

What's the point of struggling and working so hard for all the money and success in life if you cannot find the time to enjoy the fine things in life with the special people in your life. Love is free, express it, appreciate it, savour it, enjoy it. Life is beautiful, we humans make it complicated. Stop comparing your life and start living it.

Enjoy the rest of your sunday

Love Lowla

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