Thursday, 16 October 2014

Antisocial Lowla

LMAOOO! I'm actually user friendly.

My name is Lowla and i am an antisocial being!!! LOL

Its weird right? I work in the entertainment industry, i meet new people on a regular, either at work or at events. I have clients and because of them my job requires me to be a people person, meet people, network and all that. Don't get me wrong, i am a huge people person, however i have a weird antisocial behavior.

I Love to go out but never alone except I'm going to the bar to watch football and at that point i do not care who is there or who is looking at me, I'm glued to the TV on a bar stool, screaming and yelling at the players on the screen, looking like a deranged mad man. Lol

So like i said, i never like to go out alone, i have to be with my friends, how i Love my friends so much. I'm also very selfish with them, yes i love to go out with my friends and be with them alone, i do not want anyone coming in between us to say hi to them or me and then now stay, lol (except it is someone or people we all know together, that is totally cool, it becomes one big happy circle). I don't like this not coz I'm a crazy psycho bitch, but coz i feel very uncomfortable due to the fact that i do not know them. At that point i go from chatty smiley Lowla to mute Lowla, like i literally just say hi to them and thats it, i stay glued to my phones (thank God for the invention of mobile phones, how they have saved me so many times, lol). You would expect me to jump into a conversation with them and blend in but na, i just stay on my own. Apparently I've been told by family and friends that the look i have on my face at this point in time is very discouraging to people,  they say i look like i am angry coz I'm not smiling and it doesn't give people the chance to approach me, an intimidating look they say. But the thing is i never realize i have that look on, I've told them that its just me not smiling, i am not squeezing my face and i am not angry, i am just not smiling. My dad has complained about this behavior over and over again, ever since i was a kid *sigh*.
Only my friends will get this *kisses*

When my cousins just moved back to Nigeria over a year ago, we all used to go out together, like the 3 of us went for events, parties etc, together. It could be them inviting me to tag along or vice versa. Most times i go with them, their friends are there and this just means….… already know, me on my phone being antisocial and not smiling, *covers face*. My cousin complained to me about how i just stay away from everyone when we go out and how its not a good look, how do i expect to meet people and all that. So i decided to stop going out with them when their friends are involved, not coz I'm stuck up or being a snob but coz i don't want to be alone, lol, or look like a snobby twat, Lol. Plus i also do not want to follow my friends or cousins behind everywhere they go like a lost little puppy at a party all because i can't be social with their friends or people we all just met. 
Its funny how my cousins get along with my friends, i mean they call my friends on their own, make plans with them and are all buddies when we are out together, its the total opposite with me and their friends, i don't even have their friends numbers……….wait how will i have it when i can't even gist with them, lol. I am however friends with like 2 or 3 of their friends, friends in the sense that i say hi and chit chat a bit only when i see them, lol. Ive seen them over and over again so i am comfortable with them, even going out with them, but my cousins have to be there sha, lol. Im just weird like that. I guess I'm comfortable with my little circle, i really don't have close friends that i met through friends. You know how you become besties with someone your good friend or family introduced you to and now you guys are even closer than with the person who made the introduction? Yea that hasn't happened to me…….wait let me think….. yea i don't think so, Lol. It's not a bad thing, its just not me. 

2 of my favorite cousins. I call them my sisters :-)

I also suck at keeping in touch with people, i have like a circle of 5 people i keep in touch with (this is just a random number, i don't think its up to 5 but lets leave it that way), this includes my father and number 5 seems to change, this depends on who I'm dating, gotta keep in touch with the boyfriend, lol. I've had friends send me bbms/whtsapp messages complaining about me not even checking up, also people i met in the past, who have my contact, being friendly/chatty and expecting me to do the same but I'm just there, sticking my index finger out of my little box to type Hi, Lol, Okay, Sure, more Lol and Bye, all because i don't want to come out and play. It's not a bitch move, its just me being me…..antisocial. I do however apologize :-)

I will try to connect more from now

The only other set of people privileged to know the real Lowla are my colleagues, oh these people have seen the good and the bad Lowla, they've seen me at my best but not worst yet, lol. They tag me as being weird, crazy, mad, funny, cute, of course sexy (lol) and more (i think, lol). However with my colleagues when i leave the office, thats it, see you tomorrow…Lol. But its still a good relationship. 

Allow It!! Lol

Wow i have written a lot, i hope i didn't lose some of you along the way, hopefully this isn't boring, lol. I just wanted to share, so if you see me acting all moody typing or scrolling away on my phone within a group of people, i am not angry, i didn't just get my heart broken, i could be working on my phone but at the end of the day, its just me separating myself from the group coz i am not familiar with them. I will however from now on try my best to be more social with people i do not know, i will try :D, it will take some time but i promise to try.

However, once alcohol is involved, i do become friendly. Lol (who doesn't?). Have a great day guys *kisses*

Love Lowla.

Wednesday, 15 October 2014


Why is it so hard to tell the truth? To actually say it like it is and not give a fuck what people will say or think about you? Trust me, being honest especially when it really matters is difficult, i consider it a SKILL that many do not possess, Lol.

Why am i blogging about this? Well i was having a conversation with 2 of my friends from work not too long ago, we got talking about women, the entertainment industry and somehow, it ended up with me talking about an ex who lied, well it was more of him being stupid in that situation. And it got me thinking, why LIE though? I am an open book, this i say to a lot of people who do not know the real Lola, i say what i feel and think, and i know that sometimes it can be hurtful but somebody has got to say it or no one else will.

So let me tell you the story about my ex and his awkward situation. Lol. I was out of town and we happened to be in the same place, we were in different hotels and we actually didn't get to speak to each other a few days before i left for Lagos. One night we got talking on the phone about us and the past and our feelings. I remember telling him i had no issue what so ever with him being with other girls, i mean we have been apart for a bit now so i could care less, and if he ever asked me if i was with someone i would not find it difficult to tell him, if i felt it was his business. The truth is, if he actually said to me 'Lola it really isn't any of your business who I'm with', trust me i would have respected him a lot more and told myself 'you sef mind your own business', Lol. But we still have a relationship, we talk to each other and advice each other as friends so i really didn't think it was wrong for me to ask him certain questions, especially with someone who still tells me how strongly he feels about me. Truthfully, up until very recently, i still had very strong feelings for him, however i told myself i would never go back to him coz he's not for me and not worth the Love and stress, no matter my current feelings.

That night, we were on the phone for about an hour or so and then i finally went to bed, it was a long ass day for me and i was exhausted, let me also add the fact that i had quite a few glasses of champagne that day, Lol. The next morning at around 9 ish, my ringing phone woke me up, i looked at the caller i.d and saw it was him. I hit my pillow and moaned out loud like 'whyyyyyy, its too early na', but of course i picked up my phone coz i would do that, pick up his call, Lol. I said 'Hello' and he said something first (which i didn't quite pick, sounded like a name, not sure), then he goes on to say 'are you in the hotel', I'm thinking to myself of course i am, where else would i be (that was the sleep talking), so i replied with 'yea' and he goes on to say 'Okay i want to come by and pick up my laptop', at that moment my eyes opened wide and i heard my tone of voice change when i replied with 'Your WHAT' (knowing very well that he didn't know he was calling me). At this point he kept quiet for about 2 seconds and then started to stutter, he said 'i waaaant to pick my laptop from the store', and i got angry, like why can't you just say 'oh wrong number, sorry i woke you, ill call later', don't fucking say you want to pick up your lappy from the store, which store, did we have a conversation about this in the past? No no no, stop eeeet!!!. He finished with 'don't worry ill call you back' and he hung up. I went right back to sleep and didn't even remember this happened until much later in the day. I did send him a message a few days later telling him he was such a bad liar, he never responded to my message and we haven't brought it up yet. I still haven't seen him yet but we still talk on the phone once in a while, the truth is that i now see that conversation as a big joke, i laugh every time i think about it now. Wouldn't you? Lol

This is just PURE jokes. Lmaoooo!

My point here is, why do we lie when we can just be open and say what has and needs to be said? Why do guys lie to women and their excuse for that is 'women don't want to hear the truth, they want to hear what they want to hear'? And why do we women like the lie, even though we all say we want to hear the truth? Why do women lie to men just to keep him when the fact is, if he's yours he will be yours, don't use a lie based on other lies to keep him, that castle of lies you are building will soon crumble on your head. Why Why Why??? Let me not even get into what Lies actually do to people, the giver and receiver…. Thats for another post on its own, lol.

I have been lied to so much in my life and 90% of the time i knew they were lies, more than half of the time i didn't do anything to stop this, like why didn't i just say 'dude i know you are lying'. Most times its me not being bothered with confronting the lie with the truth, other times i just want whatever is happening to end and if he's going to use a lie to get out of it then fine, just make it stop. Thats bullshit and it aint ever gonna happen again. I will confront your lies immediately you say it because it only makes matters worse. I hate lies, theres no point for it and thats why i am the way i am, i say what i have to say. I realize that sometimes you have to lie to save yourself or save someone or something, that is just life and i can not even argue with that because that happens to everyone, including myself. However when it comes to dealing with people personally (family, friends, boyfriends/girlfriends, colleagues), don't lie, i would rather you not say anything than a lie (i mean i know that can be irritating as hell though, lol).

Easier said than done..i Know!

Its hard to not lie, however we can try and work on it, i have been working on mine for a while now and it has been perfectly awesome for me, i feel so much more free with my life. I tell you exactly how i feel about you and if you feel this babe is too deep for me then please bounce along, the person who is willing to enjoy all the deepness will stay. :-p

Enjoy the rest of your day guys *kisses*

Love Lowla

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

5 Things Running Through My Mind!

Too Many Things On My Mind (2011)
Hiyaaaaaaaa. Shame on me for not blogging in a while, lol. Well it really isn't a passion, its a habit i picked up and i think its okay to blog when i really really feel like it. Thats my story and i am sticking to it. Lol

So i decided to write about the top 5 things i have had on my mind lately. 
Here's something i posted on instagram a few weeks back. A colleague showed me the words on tumblr and i made mine. Lol

1. I have always wanted to live a good life. Who doesn't want to live a good life? Point here is everyone has their own definition of what a good life is. For me, living a good life is all of the above in this image and adding a few things like traveling all over the world, going to the office when i want to, not waking up early to go and at the end of the day make the same amount , even more. Making my family happy and proud of me, eating what and all i can whenever i damn well please, getting the best gin & tonic, mojito and cosmopolitan machine maker, ill invent one if i have to, LOL……and much more.  The thing is, Living a good life is being able to do and achieve all that makes me happy. Living happy and free, thats my motto :-)

What i was saying was 'i could totally fuck with this life' and even do better, lol.

Just Imagine! 

2.  Now imagine if money didn't mean a damn thing? I don't even know what life would be like. Maybe it would be better than it is now… Oh well i guess we will never know coz money does matter. My number 2 is of course Making Money…. Oh Hello, hell YES! Lol. Work my butt off to make it, that's the price i have to pay and i am happy to do it :D. Some people say money isn't everything, money can't buy majority of things etc…. Hear Hear but here's my own thought, money isn't everything but it means a lot to me, it will go a long way in helping me live that good life that i so badly want… Money can't buy majority of things but it can sort out 98% of all the shit i need in life… The extra 2% fall into personal things so ill leave it there. Lol. Jesus really didn't die for me to suffer in this life.

I wonder if people really knew the truth. Lol

Don't parents know this already. Lol

3. Work Work Work!!! Boring you say? Lol. I have work on my mind everyday. Juggling between 2 important jobs and figuring out what i can do to make both better, how i can make a serious impact and leave my footprints so that when I'm not there they can say 'Lola made this happen, damn i wish she was here to fix this or make that better'….. Yea that's me, that's what i want, that's what i will get. Somebody shout Hallelujah! Lol, Amen :-)

Sometimes I'm such a cutie when getting things done at work, Lol!

4. Lately, well actually since my birthday last year i have been thinking about going after what i set out to become when i was 8 years old…. I always wanted to be an actress/presenter, a model (yea thats not going to happen i know, Lol) and a singer (let's just say i will continue singing to myself in the bathroom). Sticking to the very first love, I've been going for a few auditions and yea nothing has happened yet but that doesn't mean I'm going to quit. Something will happen and if it never does, well i won't be mad coz i already love what i do now. I guess i really just want to try it out and finally decide if its for me or not. I will never know if i don't try it out so that's what i am going for.

Don't mind the look, i was excited to be going. LOL 

5. Last but not the least and never the least is Love! Hahaha, yes i know. I'm the helpless romantic, the lover girl and never ashamed to say it. BTW i said Love, not marriage. Lol. Not that i do not want to get married, Hian! I do o but honestly i am in no rush because it is going to be the rest of my life. However i would love to have crossed this off my list before i clock 35. I guess i have 4 years to go before i find Mr Right, Lol…. #GodIsNotDead :D
Yes i have been thinking about falling in love again, its been a while since that happened….. Love, falling in Love, real Love. That is also not something i am ready to rush into as well, no way. Trust me i know what i'm saying when i say 'I Lolade Kemi Zainab Adamson is in no rush to fall in love', i am not about to waste 8-9 years of my life getting over a guy again, no no no!. However, the thought of falling in love makes me happy, it makes me smile, knowing there's someone out there who is about to become my 'bestest' friend first of all before anything else. Sharing everything and all with him for the rest of my life….. The thought lights my life up and I'm sticking to that light, it makes me glow.

Indeed I Do :-) 

Well guys, my top 5 thoughts in their actual order. I think about more stuff daily, like how much i want Nigeria to be a better place to live, will i spend the rest of my life here coz damn moving is a top option for me right now, where are the missing girls and are they really missing (you can't blame me for asking the 2nd part of that question), when will i meet June Ambrose so that we can chat and be goofy together (Lol), when next will i have sex, maybe i need to learn how to apply makeup properly coz i suck at making my brows look good *sigh*. Lol
Just like you, i have crazy random thoughts. I'm done sharing for today, who knows when next ill be back here, even i don't know. Lol.

Happy Independence day in advance, God bless Nigeria.

Love Lowla *kisses*

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Lowla's Top 5 #WCW

Hello my Loves, its been a minute. I have been aching to blog for a bit but I've been having what we call 'writers block', lol. I haven't had a clue on what to write about, i still haven't got the next Topic yet but today i want to appreciate beautiful women, like myself :-)
Miss Lowla
Its Wednesday which means its a day for the popular 'Woman Crush Wednesday'. I am crushing on 5 beautiful women today/this week, women i adore and look up to.

1st on my list is my friend and co-worker, Folu Ogunkeye aka Folu Storms (don't you just love that name :D).

Folu Storms
I met Folu in February 2014, and all i can say is she is all sorts of amazing. She's got a killer smile and an attitude that makes you want to famz with her, thank God i don't have to, Lol. Folu has an awesome dress sense, i mean she's the kind of lady who wears a pencil leather skirt, Ankara blouse tucked in and tops it off with a snapback. I can not try such coz i know i can't pull it off. The fact that she doesn't wear makeup unless its an event or a shoot she's going for just reminds me so much of myself, yes i don't love makeup. Shout out to this African Beauty.

2nd crush for today is my friend/sister of 4 years, Mrs Lola Maja-Okojevoh

Lola Maja-Okojevoh
Can i hear you say Superwoman!!! Even if you don't know her, you can't help but fall in love with her. I met Lola in London, 2009 on twitter, awesome eh? Lol. She invited me for the press film screening of a movie and when we met, we hit it off. She's helped me over the years with all sorts, sisterly advice, makeup, free facials (hehe) and more. She makes being a mum the best job ever (if I'm correct, thats sort of like a job, Lol). She is also one of the best makeup artists i have ever met (and this is me who doesn't like makeup, she says i look beautiful when made up, Haha *grin*) Love you Sis.

3rd is June Ambrose. Super celebrity stylist and a Rock mum

June Ambrose
Do you follow this woman on instagram? No? Then please get on it @juneambrose. I Love Love Love her. She reminds me so much of myself, carefree, living happy and free. She doesn't go out of her way to look super beautiful or dress over the top, she is just her; crazy, goofy, funny, all sorts of amazing. And that is how i live my life, I'm surrounded by a lot of beautiful people, people who are always dressed to kill, made up to make you fall in love with them but it doesn't bother me. I always say to people, before you laugh at me, i have laughed at myself. One of my dreams is to actually meet June Ambrose in person and have a long chat with her :-)

4th on the list is someone i met in December 2013 (or was it Jan 2014, don't matter, lol), but now she's a friend. A round of applause for the one and only Isio Wanogho :-)

Isio Wanogho
Isio DelaVega…. See fine geh, better pikin, beautiful heart. First time i met Isio, i was like 'see brains now', super talented woman. She writes, she's a painter, actress, model and is also into interio decor. Ahn Ahn Isio, na only you waka come? Let me not forget to add that Isio is a Foodie like myself, lol. I love a woman who knows what she wants in life and goes for it, not many of us can say that of ourselves. You go Glen Coco. I will say this, do not miss her Tuesday articles on BellaNaija (Isio Knows Better). High Five to you Love!!

Last but not the least, my 5th crush for today is the most awesome Mrs Folake Folarin-Coker

Folake Folarin-Coker
I have known about her and her brand, Tiffany Amber, for a while now but i have never had the pleasure of meeting her but all of that ended about a week ago. I met Folake Coker and i didn't know what to expect, but damn was i surprised. I fell in love with this woman, she is super nice, super amazing and let me not forget to add, super talented. She engaged in all sorts of discussions with me and everyone around us. This woman is awesome and boy does she look great for her age and she also has an amazing smile :-). She said every time i spoke to her on the phone before we met, i always sounded like i was speaking to a much older woman, Lol. She was right. Bless her *Kisses*
Lowla & Folake Coker (i was exhausted, excuse my eyes, Lol)

There they are guys, my female crushes for the day. I think next Monday i am going to do a piece on the guys. Oh yea, Man Crush Monday. Hmmm yummy. Lol

Okay its back to work for me

Love Lowla :*

Monday, 19 May 2014

Dating & Falling In-Love with a Married Man

So i got thinking, what does it feel like dating a married man and i mean being in a serious relationship, not just sex and I'm here staring at my computer, thinking 'it makes no damn sense'… He's married and that's all there is to it. Whether he's happy in his marriage or not.

Why did i think about this? Well all thanks to Mad Men, I'm so drawn to the show, i don't think i want it to ever end. Lol. If you watch Mad Men then you know what I'm talking about when i bring up a topic like this. The episode where Peggy actually thought Ted would really leave his wife for her only for it to backfire and he tells her he is moving to California with his family, i was yelling at the screen telling her not to listen to him but did she listen to me?? NO she didn't. Lol. This is not saying Ted didn't love her, he said it loud and clear to Don that he was in love with Peggy but he had worked so hard to keep his family together, he had been married for 11 years & had 2 sons, he wasn't going to let that go to waste.

You all know how i like to use myself as an example, so go on and ask me… Have you dated a married man Lola? Nope i haven't but i think i have been close to doing that and it was very recent, last year i think and i thank him so much for not purshing. It was weird & felt good, all this and we didn't even go as far as kissing each other, it was serious lust, lol. I didn't tell anyone how i felt till now, better that way cos no names mentioned here. Lol.

We met early in the year and i didn't know he was married, we got chatting one night and it went on for like 3-4 hours. At around 3am, still chatting, he responded to my question and then continued with 'but I'm married so i guess i should stop' and at that moment i actually said out loud 'OH FUCK NO'. After that i told him thanks for telling me and we said our goodnights. A few days later we were chatting again, this time around he asked what i was doing, i replied with i was bored and at home which was the truth but i asked myself why i said that cos it would seem like i was trying to pass a message. He then said i should come meet him at some bar in Lekki for drinks, i thought okay its just drinks and there will be people there so i said yea sure but then he replied with 'You know what, we would probably end up fucking so maybe you shouldn't'. I smiled & shook my head when i got that, then replied with 'if you're so sure about that then maybe i shouldn't'. I really did appreciate him being that open and straight forward with me and I'm happy with Me for not even thinking of pushing it. Would i have actually gone further if he didn't say all he said? I don't think i would have dated him, knowing he was married was all i needed. If i would have done anything it would have been to make out with him but thank God that didn't happen cos only God knows what i would have felt after kissing him and that's just me being honest. Now maybe he does cheat on his wife, i do not know, but after that chat with me i can bet on my life that he doesn't. I still see him around and yes we are good friends, no more lustful chats, lol.

I have trained myself for as long as i can remember not to ever date or fall in love with a married man, my cousins and i used to say when we were kids that once we got married we would place a curse for any woman who tried to take our husbands away, in any way. Lol.

As women, we've all done stupid things, I'm happy i wake myself up when i enter stupid situations. I know for sure that dating & falling in love a married man can be one of the worst kinds of relationships a woman can get into, its not rocket science to figure this out. You enter a world of joy and all that happiness can be withdrawn instantly. Think of all the confusion, yes you get all the gifts you want but that really isn't all you want from him if you're in love with him. If you're dating a married man and you're waiting for your turn, like Dr Phill said 'its time to re-evaluate your life'. All you know is what he tells you, think about his wife, put yourself in her position. If he tells you he will leave his family for you, that doesn't guarantee success because if he does it for you then by all means he will do it to you. Even if he is separated you still shouldn't be involved until he is fully divorced. Relationships born out of affairs hardly last. If he is living this deceptive life with you, how can you ever trust him if you finally end up with him? You may say 'but other women do it', here's a tip for you, You Are Not Other Women, You Are You and that's all that matters.

I know a lot of Nigerian women say 'He can cheat o, but he should not bring that nonsense home and i must not find out', i used to say that years ago but right now….Fuck NO! That is no way to think and i refuse to have a cheating husband, its that simple. Put your mind to what you want and you will get nothing less. It works for a lot of women so why should you be different?

Im no love doctor or an agony aunt, lol, i just like to share :-)
Also this is not a post for ladies who did not know the guy was married.

Love Lowla

Apple Cider Vinegar

Hey guys, my post today is on healthy living. Im gonna talk a little bit about Apple Cider Vinegar also known as ACV.

I started using ACV in 2013 but before i started, all i really knew about it was that it helps to cleanse you on the inside. So I'm talking about your immune system which is good enough to know if you ask me.

My cousin always had this smell come out of her room anytime she opens her door, when she talks to me early in the morning i get hit by that smell. At first i was like, Lord Jesus what is this girl using again, cos she is a health buff. Never met a young lady take so much care of herself the way my cousin does. So one morning we were all in my older cousins living room (who happens to be my younger cousins mum… We'll get into my family tree another day, Lol) and we got to talking about ACV, me being curious Lowla, i asked for a little in my drinking water. The next day i did again, so to avoid being a beggar, i drove to MedPlus and bought myself a bottle and since then, i live, eat and breathe ACV (okay sometimes i forget to buy and go weeks without it, Lol).

ACV is good for anything and everything, most people think its just for kitchen use but no, in my case it is for my room use. Lol. Here are the list of things i use ACV for;

*Put a bottle cap of ACV in a bottle of water and drink everyday (morning and night).
*Put in my bathing water along side dettol if i have, if not just ACV.
*Mix a little bit of ACV with water and use as a facial cleanser. It serves as a natural toner, lightens sun and age spots, dissolves dead skin cells and much more.
*Heals cuts and burns, skin infection and rashes. ACV is highly acidic and this helps kills off germ/fungi in the skin. I've read somewhere that it helps cure eczema as well.
*After brushing my teeth in the morning, i dip cotton wool in ACV and use to clean my teeth.
*Use as mouth wash at night.
*Wash my hair with it, this helps with hair loss and breakage. I also have ACV in a spray bottle, mixed with a little bit of water and i spray on my hair once in a while. Its funny cos just this morning a colleague at work stood over me and said 'Hmm whats smelling in your hair and i laughed, saying ACV' and then she made a funny face and i made her drink out of my ACV water mixture.
*My cousin uses ACV to wash her bathroom, i need to start doing that as well.

ACV is also very good for weight loss so if you're battling with body fat, google how ACV can help you. When it comes to pregnancy, some pregnant women say it works well for them as well but pregnancy is something i feel your doctor should approve before you use ACV.

Now the thing here is the smell, i can hear some of you saying 'Haba Lola, the smell'. Lol. At first the smell will get to you but you will get so used to it. Remember not to use too much in your drinking water (1tsp in your water is good) or even on your face, make sure you dilute with a little bit of water when using on your face. Like i said it is very acidic.

If you haven't heard of ACV, i suggest you get on google and do all the research you need, just type in ACV and whatever you want to use it for. If you have heard of ACV but don't use it coz of either the smell then i think you should get over that and give your body the health love it deserves. If you have health issues then ask your Doctor first before using it. When it comes to brands, i use either Bragg or Parade and you can get either at the Pharmacy or a supermarket.

Happy healthy living
Love Lowla :-)

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Hide and Seek

I was gonna blog about this amazing lady, Titilope Sonuga, over the weekend but somehow i forgot. I spent Friday night on her website and sound cloud page (She's a spoken word poet) and it was then that i said, i have to blog about her. She sent me an email not too long ago and it clicked…'Danm, blog post'. Lol.
In my own words, Titi is an African Woman, she's a storyteller, she digs deep into the heart, makes you think, makes you ask questions, makes you see what is right there in front of you, what you overlooked, what you missed. Titi is rare, she's a Creative, she is Art.

Its been a month since over 200+ girls where kidnapped from their school in Chibok, Borno State. The whole world is asking questions, requesting for their safe return, demanding that the government of Nigeria do something. Innocent little girls, taken away from their families, crying for their mothers. We can only imagine what they are going through and even when we do, we do not want to think too deep because the horrible thought breaks our heart. We pray daily for their safe return.

Titi wrote a poem about the abduction of the girls for Ndani's Just Say It, a platform for celebrities to rant about what grinds their gears. And this morning, she sent me a link to the full version of the poem titled Hide and Seek. She talks not only about the 200+ abducted girls, but also those lost at the Nyanya bombings and the various crisis Nigeria has witnessed in recent times. Listen to it and don't forget to keep praying for the safe return of our girls, pray for our country Nigeria. God bless Nigeria!!!

                                           Ndani TV's Just Say It - #BringBackOurGirls

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Titilope Sonuga

Hide and Seek:

Love Lowla