Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Hide and Seek

I was gonna blog about this amazing lady, Titilope Sonuga, over the weekend but somehow i forgot. I spent Friday night on her website and sound cloud page (She's a spoken word poet) and it was then that i said, i have to blog about her. She sent me an email not too long ago and it clicked…'Danm, blog post'. Lol.
In my own words, Titi is an African Woman, she's a storyteller, she digs deep into the heart, makes you think, makes you ask questions, makes you see what is right there in front of you, what you overlooked, what you missed. Titi is rare, she's a Creative, she is Art.

Its been a month since over 200+ girls where kidnapped from their school in Chibok, Borno State. The whole world is asking questions, requesting for their safe return, demanding that the government of Nigeria do something. Innocent little girls, taken away from their families, crying for their mothers. We can only imagine what they are going through and even when we do, we do not want to think too deep because the horrible thought breaks our heart. We pray daily for their safe return.

Titi wrote a poem about the abduction of the girls for Ndani's Just Say It, a platform for celebrities to rant about what grinds their gears. And this morning, she sent me a link to the full version of the poem titled Hide and Seek. She talks not only about the 200+ abducted girls, but also those lost at the Nyanya bombings and the various crisis Nigeria has witnessed in recent times. Listen to it and don't forget to keep praying for the safe return of our girls, pray for our country Nigeria. God bless Nigeria!!!

                                           Ndani TV's Just Say It - #BringBackOurGirls

If you're a creative and you're into Spoken words, visit Titi's site. You'll love it :-)
Titilope Sonuga

Hide and Seek:

Love Lowla

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