Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Story behind AnaYela in Morocco.

I am not sure how many of you are romantics like me. Some say i live for love, maybe i do, Lol. One thing is for sure, i am a strong believer of Love.

You would think, 'Oh Lola has been hurt in the past, I'm certain she wouldn't like the next guy as much as she did the last'... I assure you when that new person enters my life, the hurt from the last disappears. Its not that i don't learn, its just me, lol. And i refuse to be hurt to the point where ill say Fuck Love and Fuck Life.... That will never happen :D

So the story i am about to write about is a Love story, one that has probably been heard by many in the past, i didn't hear it until last year. My cousin and i were talking about wanting to visit Morocco and she told me a story she heard about a hotel in Marrakech Morocco, the name of the hotel is AnaYela.

Ana Yela means 'I am Yela'. It is a small 300 year old city palace in the heart of Medina. The architecture of the building tells the story of a girl called Yela who once lived in the house. The story is below

"Ana Yela - My name is Yela. I am a girl and i am 16 years old. Today is my last day in this wonderful house that my grandfather built many years ago. I am going to marry the man who has captured my love, whom i love with all my heart.
On our terrace is a small tower where you can see the whole world - the rooftops of Marrakesh, the huge snow-covered Atlas mountain, the palm trees in the oasis, and the endless desert that surrounds us all.At night, when all were asleep, i would often sneak up on the roof of the little tower and sit on the old carpet lying there to gaze at the moon and the stars, which shone brightly over the red city.
A few houses down the street lived a boy i liked very much. One night he climbed over the rooftops and clambered up to me on my tower. He told me the secret of the carpet we were sitting on.
He said he could fly on the carpet and asked if i would like to go on a trip. There was a price however  - he wanted a kiss, nothing more, nothing less. I hardly dared answer him.
My heart was pounding and i don't know anymore if i was more excited at the prospect of my first kiss,or the nocturnal flight over the houses.
Naturally i declined his offer and doubted that he could ever get this old carpet to fly. He persisted, and repeated his offer at our secret nightly meetings.
One night, the sky was cloudy and the lights of the city glowed burning red - i weakened and i gave into him, my desire for this was too great, and so it was that my lips touched those of  a man for the very first time.
The world around me began to spin and i almost passed out - suddenly the carpet actually began to fly. We were weightless and flew over the rooftops of the red city. It was the most beautiful moment of my life.
When the kiss finished we landed safely, back on the roof of the little tower, and i slowly regained my senses. I was ecstatic, and my heart was on fire - now i belonged to this man, who today takes me as his wife.
I often think about that night and the flying carpet, and i hope that many more after me will fly with it and find love."

That is the story, i couldn't stop 'awwwing' when my cousin told me, I'm certain i shed a tear, lol. You can't deny that it is a beautiful story, a true beautiful story and i just had to share.

AnaYela is a such beautiful hotel and i will visit there, by the Grace of God, very soon. Pictures are below, to see more pictures and prices, visit www.anayela.com . If you visit there before i do, don't forget to share your experience with me and if you already have..... well what are you waiting for, spill the beans... Lol.

Love Lowla

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