Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Stripped - Lola Maja

Hey ladies

Im pretty excited about today's post. On this edition of Ndani TV's Stripped, they have makeup artist, beauty therapist and one of my favourite people Lola Maja-Okojevoh share her beauty secrets on how to keep your skin clear and most importantly Youthful.

If you know Lola Maja then there is no way you do not love her work. She's absolutely amazing and happens to be the only person that can thread my brows the perfect way... If its not Lola, i am not threading, thanks. 

Watch, enjoy, learn a thing or 10 if possible. Lol

Love Lowla


  1. Love you sweetie!! Hmmm now when WAS the last time you came in for your brows.. *cough* hehahaha

    1. Lol…. Haven't threaded in a bit coz you're tooooo busyyyyy :'( . I am patiently waiting till you have some free time. Mwaahhhh