Thursday, 16 October 2014

Antisocial Lowla

LMAOOO! I'm actually user friendly.

My name is Lowla and i am an antisocial being!!! LOL

Its weird right? I work in the entertainment industry, i meet new people on a regular, either at work or at events. I have clients and because of them my job requires me to be a people person, meet people, network and all that. Don't get me wrong, i am a huge people person, however i have a weird antisocial behavior.

I Love to go out but never alone except I'm going to the bar to watch football and at that point i do not care who is there or who is looking at me, I'm glued to the TV on a bar stool, screaming and yelling at the players on the screen, looking like a deranged mad man. Lol

So like i said, i never like to go out alone, i have to be with my friends, how i Love my friends so much. I'm also very selfish with them, yes i love to go out with my friends and be with them alone, i do not want anyone coming in between us to say hi to them or me and then now stay, lol (except it is someone or people we all know together, that is totally cool, it becomes one big happy circle). I don't like this not coz I'm a crazy psycho bitch, but coz i feel very uncomfortable due to the fact that i do not know them. At that point i go from chatty smiley Lowla to mute Lowla, like i literally just say hi to them and thats it, i stay glued to my phones (thank God for the invention of mobile phones, how they have saved me so many times, lol). You would expect me to jump into a conversation with them and blend in but na, i just stay on my own. Apparently I've been told by family and friends that the look i have on my face at this point in time is very discouraging to people,  they say i look like i am angry coz I'm not smiling and it doesn't give people the chance to approach me, an intimidating look they say. But the thing is i never realize i have that look on, I've told them that its just me not smiling, i am not squeezing my face and i am not angry, i am just not smiling. My dad has complained about this behavior over and over again, ever since i was a kid *sigh*.
Only my friends will get this *kisses*

When my cousins just moved back to Nigeria over a year ago, we all used to go out together, like the 3 of us went for events, parties etc, together. It could be them inviting me to tag along or vice versa. Most times i go with them, their friends are there and this just means….… already know, me on my phone being antisocial and not smiling, *covers face*. My cousin complained to me about how i just stay away from everyone when we go out and how its not a good look, how do i expect to meet people and all that. So i decided to stop going out with them when their friends are involved, not coz I'm stuck up or being a snob but coz i don't want to be alone, lol, or look like a snobby twat, Lol. Plus i also do not want to follow my friends or cousins behind everywhere they go like a lost little puppy at a party all because i can't be social with their friends or people we all just met. 
Its funny how my cousins get along with my friends, i mean they call my friends on their own, make plans with them and are all buddies when we are out together, its the total opposite with me and their friends, i don't even have their friends numbers……….wait how will i have it when i can't even gist with them, lol. I am however friends with like 2 or 3 of their friends, friends in the sense that i say hi and chit chat a bit only when i see them, lol. Ive seen them over and over again so i am comfortable with them, even going out with them, but my cousins have to be there sha, lol. Im just weird like that. I guess I'm comfortable with my little circle, i really don't have close friends that i met through friends. You know how you become besties with someone your good friend or family introduced you to and now you guys are even closer than with the person who made the introduction? Yea that hasn't happened to me…….wait let me think….. yea i don't think so, Lol. It's not a bad thing, its just not me. 

2 of my favorite cousins. I call them my sisters :-)

I also suck at keeping in touch with people, i have like a circle of 5 people i keep in touch with (this is just a random number, i don't think its up to 5 but lets leave it that way), this includes my father and number 5 seems to change, this depends on who I'm dating, gotta keep in touch with the boyfriend, lol. I've had friends send me bbms/whtsapp messages complaining about me not even checking up, also people i met in the past, who have my contact, being friendly/chatty and expecting me to do the same but I'm just there, sticking my index finger out of my little box to type Hi, Lol, Okay, Sure, more Lol and Bye, all because i don't want to come out and play. It's not a bitch move, its just me being me…..antisocial. I do however apologize :-)

I will try to connect more from now

The only other set of people privileged to know the real Lowla are my colleagues, oh these people have seen the good and the bad Lowla, they've seen me at my best but not worst yet, lol. They tag me as being weird, crazy, mad, funny, cute, of course sexy (lol) and more (i think, lol). However with my colleagues when i leave the office, thats it, see you tomorrow…Lol. But its still a good relationship. 

Allow It!! Lol

Wow i have written a lot, i hope i didn't lose some of you along the way, hopefully this isn't boring, lol. I just wanted to share, so if you see me acting all moody typing or scrolling away on my phone within a group of people, i am not angry, i didn't just get my heart broken, i could be working on my phone but at the end of the day, its just me separating myself from the group coz i am not familiar with them. I will however from now on try my best to be more social with people i do not know, i will try :D, it will take some time but i promise to try.

However, once alcohol is involved, i do become friendly. Lol (who doesn't?). Have a great day guys *kisses*

Love Lowla.