Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Why do men get turned on by girl on girl action?

So we all know about the anti gay bill, a lot of people have been raving and protesting about it, others are in full support of it. Whatever your opinion is, I don't care. Everyone has a right to choose what they want, can't judge another person coz of their opinions. If you're wondering what my opinion is, I'm against it but this isn't a blog about politics so let's get right to business :D

Yes, why do men prefer lesbians to gays? They go on and on about it saying 'Yes the anti gay bill is what we need in this country, oyinbo no dey accept polygamy so why must we accept the gays, how man go dey kiss another man'.... Ehn bros, how woman go dey kiss another woman? Oh you see, you're probably smiling and saying 'oh that's sexy, it's a turn on'. But why? Lesbians need only each other so any effort from a man is a wasted one. Why bother?

Bear in mind that the term Gay primarily refers to a homosexual person, man or woman. So why people rave about guys alone is beyond me.

I agree that even women don't find the guy on guy scene acceptable as well but its the same way some women don't find the woman and woman scene acceptable. All I'm saying is if you're gonna condemn the guys then condemn the women as well if not leave them be.

I've been hit on by lesbians in the past, one even stalked the life out of me on twitter. How did I feel? I was scared. I know what to expect when a man is hitting on me but what to expect from women, I have no flipping clue so therefore I stay scared and leave the unknown alone.

The truth is I probably will never understand what guys find sexy and hot about two women kissing and making out with each other, I will never understand why men get a hard on watching 2 women get it on and why women come close to puking when 2 guys even attempt to kiss. Laws of nature maybe? In that case why can't it be balanced? The term lesbians is for gay women and faggot for gay men. Faggot is seen as insulting, why is the term lesbian not seen that way? Too many questions.. I really just want to understand.

Why will a guy say Beyonce kissing Rihanna, squeezing her tits and more is the most amazing thing he can ever ask for or want to see in his lifetime and when I say Brad Pitt making out with Idris Elba to a woman, she goes ewww Lola please don't ruin it for me?? Lol. Y'all have a great day.

Note that when i say men, i do not mean all men find lesbians/the girl on girl action attractive.

Love Lowla

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