Wednesday, 15 October 2014


Why is it so hard to tell the truth? To actually say it like it is and not give a fuck what people will say or think about you? Trust me, being honest especially when it really matters is difficult, i consider it a SKILL that many do not possess, Lol.

Why am i blogging about this? Well i was having a conversation with 2 of my friends from work not too long ago, we got talking about women, the entertainment industry and somehow, it ended up with me talking about an ex who lied, well it was more of him being stupid in that situation. And it got me thinking, why LIE though? I am an open book, this i say to a lot of people who do not know the real Lola, i say what i feel and think, and i know that sometimes it can be hurtful but somebody has got to say it or no one else will.

So let me tell you the story about my ex and his awkward situation. Lol. I was out of town and we happened to be in the same place, we were in different hotels and we actually didn't get to speak to each other a few days before i left for Lagos. One night we got talking on the phone about us and the past and our feelings. I remember telling him i had no issue what so ever with him being with other girls, i mean we have been apart for a bit now so i could care less, and if he ever asked me if i was with someone i would not find it difficult to tell him, if i felt it was his business. The truth is, if he actually said to me 'Lola it really isn't any of your business who I'm with', trust me i would have respected him a lot more and told myself 'you sef mind your own business', Lol. But we still have a relationship, we talk to each other and advice each other as friends so i really didn't think it was wrong for me to ask him certain questions, especially with someone who still tells me how strongly he feels about me. Truthfully, up until very recently, i still had very strong feelings for him, however i told myself i would never go back to him coz he's not for me and not worth the Love and stress, no matter my current feelings.

That night, we were on the phone for about an hour or so and then i finally went to bed, it was a long ass day for me and i was exhausted, let me also add the fact that i had quite a few glasses of champagne that day, Lol. The next morning at around 9 ish, my ringing phone woke me up, i looked at the caller i.d and saw it was him. I hit my pillow and moaned out loud like 'whyyyyyy, its too early na', but of course i picked up my phone coz i would do that, pick up his call, Lol. I said 'Hello' and he said something first (which i didn't quite pick, sounded like a name, not sure), then he goes on to say 'are you in the hotel', I'm thinking to myself of course i am, where else would i be (that was the sleep talking), so i replied with 'yea' and he goes on to say 'Okay i want to come by and pick up my laptop', at that moment my eyes opened wide and i heard my tone of voice change when i replied with 'Your WHAT' (knowing very well that he didn't know he was calling me). At this point he kept quiet for about 2 seconds and then started to stutter, he said 'i waaaant to pick my laptop from the store', and i got angry, like why can't you just say 'oh wrong number, sorry i woke you, ill call later', don't fucking say you want to pick up your lappy from the store, which store, did we have a conversation about this in the past? No no no, stop eeeet!!!. He finished with 'don't worry ill call you back' and he hung up. I went right back to sleep and didn't even remember this happened until much later in the day. I did send him a message a few days later telling him he was such a bad liar, he never responded to my message and we haven't brought it up yet. I still haven't seen him yet but we still talk on the phone once in a while, the truth is that i now see that conversation as a big joke, i laugh every time i think about it now. Wouldn't you? Lol

This is just PURE jokes. Lmaoooo!

My point here is, why do we lie when we can just be open and say what has and needs to be said? Why do guys lie to women and their excuse for that is 'women don't want to hear the truth, they want to hear what they want to hear'? And why do we women like the lie, even though we all say we want to hear the truth? Why do women lie to men just to keep him when the fact is, if he's yours he will be yours, don't use a lie based on other lies to keep him, that castle of lies you are building will soon crumble on your head. Why Why Why??? Let me not even get into what Lies actually do to people, the giver and receiver…. Thats for another post on its own, lol.

I have been lied to so much in my life and 90% of the time i knew they were lies, more than half of the time i didn't do anything to stop this, like why didn't i just say 'dude i know you are lying'. Most times its me not being bothered with confronting the lie with the truth, other times i just want whatever is happening to end and if he's going to use a lie to get out of it then fine, just make it stop. Thats bullshit and it aint ever gonna happen again. I will confront your lies immediately you say it because it only makes matters worse. I hate lies, theres no point for it and thats why i am the way i am, i say what i have to say. I realize that sometimes you have to lie to save yourself or save someone or something, that is just life and i can not even argue with that because that happens to everyone, including myself. However when it comes to dealing with people personally (family, friends, boyfriends/girlfriends, colleagues), don't lie, i would rather you not say anything than a lie (i mean i know that can be irritating as hell though, lol).

Easier said than done..i Know!

Its hard to not lie, however we can try and work on it, i have been working on mine for a while now and it has been perfectly awesome for me, i feel so much more free with my life. I tell you exactly how i feel about you and if you feel this babe is too deep for me then please bounce along, the person who is willing to enjoy all the deepness will stay. :-p

Enjoy the rest of your day guys *kisses*

Love Lowla

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