Tuesday, 30 September 2014

5 Things Running Through My Mind!

Too Many Things On My Mind (2011)
Hiyaaaaaaaa. Shame on me for not blogging in a while, lol. Well it really isn't a passion, its a habit i picked up and i think its okay to blog when i really really feel like it. Thats my story and i am sticking to it. Lol

So i decided to write about the top 5 things i have had on my mind lately. 
Here's something i posted on instagram a few weeks back. A colleague showed me the words on tumblr and i made mine. Lol

1. I have always wanted to live a good life. Who doesn't want to live a good life? Point here is everyone has their own definition of what a good life is. For me, living a good life is all of the above in this image and adding a few things like traveling all over the world, going to the office when i want to, not waking up early to go and at the end of the day make the same amount , even more. Making my family happy and proud of me, eating what and all i can whenever i damn well please, getting the best gin & tonic, mojito and cosmopolitan machine maker, ill invent one if i have to, LOL……and much more.  The thing is, Living a good life is being able to do and achieve all that makes me happy. Living happy and free, thats my motto :-)

What i was saying was 'i could totally fuck with this life' and even do better, lol.

Just Imagine! 

2.  Now imagine if money didn't mean a damn thing? I don't even know what life would be like. Maybe it would be better than it is now… Oh well i guess we will never know coz money does matter. My number 2 is of course Making Money…. Oh Hello, hell YES! Lol. Work my butt off to make it, that's the price i have to pay and i am happy to do it :D. Some people say money isn't everything, money can't buy majority of things etc…. Hear Hear but here's my own thought, money isn't everything but it means a lot to me, it will go a long way in helping me live that good life that i so badly want… Money can't buy majority of things but it can sort out 98% of all the shit i need in life… The extra 2% fall into personal things so ill leave it there. Lol. Jesus really didn't die for me to suffer in this life.

I wonder if people really knew the truth. Lol

Don't parents know this already. Lol

3. Work Work Work!!! Boring you say? Lol. I have work on my mind everyday. Juggling between 2 important jobs and figuring out what i can do to make both better, how i can make a serious impact and leave my footprints so that when I'm not there they can say 'Lola made this happen, damn i wish she was here to fix this or make that better'….. Yea that's me, that's what i want, that's what i will get. Somebody shout Hallelujah! Lol, Amen :-)

Sometimes I'm such a cutie when getting things done at work, Lol!

4. Lately, well actually since my birthday last year i have been thinking about going after what i set out to become when i was 8 years old…. I always wanted to be an actress/presenter, a model (yea thats not going to happen i know, Lol) and a singer (let's just say i will continue singing to myself in the bathroom). Sticking to the very first love, I've been going for a few auditions and yea nothing has happened yet but that doesn't mean I'm going to quit. Something will happen and if it never does, well i won't be mad coz i already love what i do now. I guess i really just want to try it out and finally decide if its for me or not. I will never know if i don't try it out so that's what i am going for.

Don't mind the look, i was excited to be going. LOL 

5. Last but not the least and never the least is Love! Hahaha, yes i know. I'm the helpless romantic, the lover girl and never ashamed to say it. BTW i said Love, not marriage. Lol. Not that i do not want to get married, Hian! I do o but honestly i am in no rush because it is going to be the rest of my life. However i would love to have crossed this off my list before i clock 35. I guess i have 4 years to go before i find Mr Right, Lol…. #GodIsNotDead :D
Yes i have been thinking about falling in love again, its been a while since that happened….. Love, falling in Love, real Love. That is also not something i am ready to rush into as well, no way. Trust me i know what i'm saying when i say 'I Lolade Kemi Zainab Adamson is in no rush to fall in love', i am not about to waste 8-9 years of my life getting over a guy again, no no no!. However, the thought of falling in love makes me happy, it makes me smile, knowing there's someone out there who is about to become my 'bestest' friend first of all before anything else. Sharing everything and all with him for the rest of my life….. The thought lights my life up and I'm sticking to that light, it makes me glow.

Indeed I Do :-) 

Well guys, my top 5 thoughts in their actual order. I think about more stuff daily, like how much i want Nigeria to be a better place to live, will i spend the rest of my life here coz damn moving is a top option for me right now, where are the missing girls and are they really missing (you can't blame me for asking the 2nd part of that question), when will i meet June Ambrose so that we can chat and be goofy together (Lol), when next will i have sex, maybe i need to learn how to apply makeup properly coz i suck at making my brows look good *sigh*. Lol
Just like you, i have crazy random thoughts. I'm done sharing for today, who knows when next ill be back here, even i don't know. Lol.

Happy Independence day in advance, God bless Nigeria.

Love Lowla *kisses*


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