Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Lowla's Top 5 #WCW

Hello my Loves, its been a minute. I have been aching to blog for a bit but I've been having what we call 'writers block', lol. I haven't had a clue on what to write about, i still haven't got the next Topic yet but today i want to appreciate beautiful women, like myself :-)
Miss Lowla
Its Wednesday which means its a day for the popular 'Woman Crush Wednesday'. I am crushing on 5 beautiful women today/this week, women i adore and look up to.

1st on my list is my friend and co-worker, Folu Ogunkeye aka Folu Storms (don't you just love that name :D).

Folu Storms
I met Folu in February 2014, and all i can say is she is all sorts of amazing. She's got a killer smile and an attitude that makes you want to famz with her, thank God i don't have to, Lol. Folu has an awesome dress sense, i mean she's the kind of lady who wears a pencil leather skirt, Ankara blouse tucked in and tops it off with a snapback. I can not try such coz i know i can't pull it off. The fact that she doesn't wear makeup unless its an event or a shoot she's going for just reminds me so much of myself, yes i don't love makeup. Shout out to this African Beauty.

2nd crush for today is my friend/sister of 4 years, Mrs Lola Maja-Okojevoh

Lola Maja-Okojevoh
Can i hear you say Superwoman!!! Even if you don't know her, you can't help but fall in love with her. I met Lola in London, 2009 on twitter, awesome eh? Lol. She invited me for the press film screening of a movie and when we met, we hit it off. She's helped me over the years with all sorts, sisterly advice, makeup, free facials (hehe) and more. She makes being a mum the best job ever (if I'm correct, thats sort of like a job, Lol). She is also one of the best makeup artists i have ever met (and this is me who doesn't like makeup, she says i look beautiful when made up, Haha *grin*) Love you Sis.

3rd is June Ambrose. Super celebrity stylist and a Rock mum

June Ambrose
Do you follow this woman on instagram? No? Then please get on it @juneambrose. I Love Love Love her. She reminds me so much of myself, carefree, living happy and free. She doesn't go out of her way to look super beautiful or dress over the top, she is just her; crazy, goofy, funny, all sorts of amazing. And that is how i live my life, I'm surrounded by a lot of beautiful people, people who are always dressed to kill, made up to make you fall in love with them but it doesn't bother me. I always say to people, before you laugh at me, i have laughed at myself. One of my dreams is to actually meet June Ambrose in person and have a long chat with her :-)

4th on the list is someone i met in December 2013 (or was it Jan 2014, don't matter, lol), but now she's a friend. A round of applause for the one and only Isio Wanogho :-)

Isio Wanogho
Isio DelaVega…. See fine geh, better pikin, beautiful heart. First time i met Isio, i was like 'see brains now', super talented woman. She writes, she's a painter, actress, model and is also into interio decor. Ahn Ahn Isio, na only you waka come? Let me not forget to add that Isio is a Foodie like myself, lol. I love a woman who knows what she wants in life and goes for it, not many of us can say that of ourselves. You go Glen Coco. I will say this, do not miss her Tuesday articles on BellaNaija (Isio Knows Better). High Five to you Love!!

Last but not the least, my 5th crush for today is the most awesome Mrs Folake Folarin-Coker

Folake Folarin-Coker
I have known about her and her brand, Tiffany Amber, for a while now but i have never had the pleasure of meeting her but all of that ended about a week ago. I met Folake Coker and i didn't know what to expect, but damn was i surprised. I fell in love with this woman, she is super nice, super amazing and let me not forget to add, super talented. She engaged in all sorts of discussions with me and everyone around us. This woman is awesome and boy does she look great for her age and she also has an amazing smile :-). She said every time i spoke to her on the phone before we met, i always sounded like i was speaking to a much older woman, Lol. She was right. Bless her *Kisses*
Lowla & Folake Coker (i was exhausted, excuse my eyes, Lol)

There they are guys, my female crushes for the day. I think next Monday i am going to do a piece on the guys. Oh yea, Man Crush Monday. Hmmm yummy. Lol

Okay its back to work for me

Love Lowla :*

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