Monday, 19 May 2014

Apple Cider Vinegar

Hey guys, my post today is on healthy living. Im gonna talk a little bit about Apple Cider Vinegar also known as ACV.

I started using ACV in 2013 but before i started, all i really knew about it was that it helps to cleanse you on the inside. So I'm talking about your immune system which is good enough to know if you ask me.

My cousin always had this smell come out of her room anytime she opens her door, when she talks to me early in the morning i get hit by that smell. At first i was like, Lord Jesus what is this girl using again, cos she is a health buff. Never met a young lady take so much care of herself the way my cousin does. So one morning we were all in my older cousins living room (who happens to be my younger cousins mum… We'll get into my family tree another day, Lol) and we got to talking about ACV, me being curious Lowla, i asked for a little in my drinking water. The next day i did again, so to avoid being a beggar, i drove to MedPlus and bought myself a bottle and since then, i live, eat and breathe ACV (okay sometimes i forget to buy and go weeks without it, Lol).

ACV is good for anything and everything, most people think its just for kitchen use but no, in my case it is for my room use. Lol. Here are the list of things i use ACV for;

*Put a bottle cap of ACV in a bottle of water and drink everyday (morning and night).
*Put in my bathing water along side dettol if i have, if not just ACV.
*Mix a little bit of ACV with water and use as a facial cleanser. It serves as a natural toner, lightens sun and age spots, dissolves dead skin cells and much more.
*Heals cuts and burns, skin infection and rashes. ACV is highly acidic and this helps kills off germ/fungi in the skin. I've read somewhere that it helps cure eczema as well.
*After brushing my teeth in the morning, i dip cotton wool in ACV and use to clean my teeth.
*Use as mouth wash at night.
*Wash my hair with it, this helps with hair loss and breakage. I also have ACV in a spray bottle, mixed with a little bit of water and i spray on my hair once in a while. Its funny cos just this morning a colleague at work stood over me and said 'Hmm whats smelling in your hair and i laughed, saying ACV' and then she made a funny face and i made her drink out of my ACV water mixture.
*My cousin uses ACV to wash her bathroom, i need to start doing that as well.

ACV is also very good for weight loss so if you're battling with body fat, google how ACV can help you. When it comes to pregnancy, some pregnant women say it works well for them as well but pregnancy is something i feel your doctor should approve before you use ACV.

Now the thing here is the smell, i can hear some of you saying 'Haba Lola, the smell'. Lol. At first the smell will get to you but you will get so used to it. Remember not to use too much in your drinking water (1tsp in your water is good) or even on your face, make sure you dilute with a little bit of water when using on your face. Like i said it is very acidic.

If you haven't heard of ACV, i suggest you get on google and do all the research you need, just type in ACV and whatever you want to use it for. If you have heard of ACV but don't use it coz of either the smell then i think you should get over that and give your body the health love it deserves. If you have health issues then ask your Doctor first before using it. When it comes to brands, i use either Bragg or Parade and you can get either at the Pharmacy or a supermarket.

Happy healthy living
Love Lowla :-)

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