Monday, 22 April 2013

The Detox way to good Health

Hey everyone, today I want to talk about a product I love so much, one that has worked for me and still is. Its the Lise Herbal Detox, which is also known as the Lise Herbal weight-loss Detox (FDA Approved)

I use this product to detox a few times in a year but now i have been placed on using it once a month because of my recent skin breakout and stress, it really helps my body system and outer skin in a lot of ways. First time I used it was early last year, I didn't know what to expect. I felt bloated and the CEO of Lise (Eni Balogun) gave me a pack, she told me it would help me feel better and she gave me the set for 3 days but nothing happened. I complained to her a few weeks later and she gave me another set the next month, this time around it did more than work. The first day was like the first time I used it but by the second day all hell broke loose, I literally couldn't get off the toilet bowl, Lol. When I told Eni, she said it didn't work the first time because the toxins in my system at that time were stubborn, all coz I had not detoxed in so many years (I was thinking more like never x_x, Lol).

The herbal detox really does cleanse my whole system, it makes my skin feel more settled & fresh whenever i use it. I also love to have a cup of tea every morning, detoxing or not (i do skip this sometimes, Lol), preferably green tea (its a good antioxidant and also helps boost the immune system as well). Now the amazing part is the weight loss aspect, I don't use it for weight loss (where's the fat on my body, Lol), but I have seen pictures and met people who it has worked for. Here's a break down on Lise herbal weight-loss detox;

Lise Revolutionary Herbal Weight loss Detox - FDA Approved! Are you concerned about your Weight & General Health? Our newly improved herbal supplements have been reviewed, tried, tested & approved which helps towards a healthier lifestyle on:
•Weight-loss (up to 8kg in 10days)
•Excess Tummy fat
•Difficulty conceiving
•Fibroid shrinkage
•Low blood sugar/Type I/Type II Diabetes
•General body cleanse
•Increase strength,vitality & libido
•Eliminates skin disorder's i.e. acne, blemishes, rosacea etc.
Detoxify your body from poisons & Toxins to avoid future illnesses.
•5day Detox (N8,000)
•7day Detox (N10,500)
•10day Detox(N15,000)
•6wk plan (N38,800)

A lot of men and women have benefited from this product, I'm detoxing this week so for the first quater of my day, I'll be home, Lol. Try it and let me know how it works out for you. There's a FREE LAGOS DELIVERY going on from April 22- 24th 2013. You can order Now and pay to Access bank: LISEBEAUTY - 0046001629 or Stanbic IBTC: LISE BEAUTY - 0000599424. The store is located at 52 Awolowo road, Ikoyi. Be sure to call or text payment details to: 08026401985 or call 018773650 to place orders. Visit

Below are pictures of a few people who have benefited from the weight-loss plan and I started with Eni Balogun (CEO of Lise) herself :D

Love Lowla


  1. This is very true and effective product ,I tried this product last year coz my doc told me to loose weight so I can concieve after 4yrs of bn expectant.I was hesitant @ first but what will I loose? I tried it and I lost 6kg in 10days-when I decided to call to order for more it was my period wk so I waited n it nave came for another 13days-i called Lise shop to ask if taking detox may stop period but they said no,that firmly suggest I do a pregnancy test. I did that night and I discovere I was 5wks pregnant . I didn't know what to say,but God bless the this woman mrs Lise's Detox. I delivered a beautiful gal march 9th 2013. To God be the glory ! I will recommend always and can't wait to stop breastfeedin to start it again. Foluke ibadan

  2. I do concur this product works wonders. Though d taste is very very nasty when I try with water but I discovered mixing with apple juice & its so much better. I used d detox for 7days & slim tea for 3wks, I was a size 16 now wearing size12,I don't eat plenty junk like I used 2 friend & my bf loves d results bcoz I love goin out now & showing of my new body,I wear armless tops now o lol.

  3. The product does not work. I bought it last year and used 2packs of it and it didn't do shit. When I complained to Eni, she said she's sorry and surprised it didn't work for me. I still have the 3rd packet in my house.

    1. Are you serz it didn't work? Lyk really??? Am abt to give it a trial, did u try adding diet and a lil exercise to it?

  4. Wow...I just bought it not upto 2wks ago and I bout d 5days of detox and the slimmin teas ,maybe something is wrong with your body o,bcz on d first day alone I shat my brains out but the other days I was fine and as ystrday I've lost 6.5kg. Its sounds like u hav personal vengeance on the owner of the product or the product itself.and I stopd eatn carbs n started gyming too plus ,I eat salad for lunch instead of mamaPut .I love d product n I wil use again. Btito from surulere :-)

  5. Hmm una don start to dey spoil person market abi? Can't we ever be positive or be ashamed of positivity sha ,mmba o some haters will not let pple be. Now dat u have posted 'it did not work for shit for 'does not mean it doesn't work for others.panadol doesn't work for everybody. I used d pill of detox it didn't work and then I spoke to eni who told me to use the powdered version and d first day,I didn't see anything till d 3rd day and behold all hell broke loose LMAO .(If u have bn on it before u will know wat I mean lol)I cnt shout.its really help my tummy go down a lot to be honest,I dnt wear bodygirdles anymore.ladies keep up d good reviews I'm glad I came accross this lise detox program ,the best Gbam!.

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