Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Gasp!!! Did you leave without your Makeup On?

As 21st century women, we are expected to always look flawless. Fresh faced, perfect skin & flawless undetectable makeup. Most men want their woman to always look "beautiful & natural", so we spend half our time/money/energy/everything pursuing this idea of physical perfection. We buy the latest skin care products, spend tons on human hair extensions, endure excruciatingly painful unwanted hair removal procedures, diet & starve ourselves, etc the process never ends. But in all this madness why do we seem to ignore the most important beauty element......the Soul!

Ok so I know this blog isn't your typical "preacher's spot", but its called what women want right? I believe that even though great sex & amazing heads might impress ur man, it's not nearly enough to keep him faithful(after all lets face it,there's probably other girls out there who can do better!),so as with everything in life we all need a good 'ol balance. I promise to keep this very short lol.

So let’s talk about this so called soul beauty. I'm sure we've all heard the term "beauty starts from within", most people seem to think the way to achieve this is by swallowing skin enhancement pills daily to achieve that glow. But in reality inner glow comes from a beautiful soul. I met this really older couple at work one day & they were acting like teenagers all over each other giggling & just looking so dang cute,after completing their transactions i couldn't help by ask what the secret to their marriage was,& the man starred at me & said "Omg look at her,can't u see she's beautiful?", I nodded in agreement & said yeah she's still really hot & then he replied "yea she is, but I'm not just talking about her physical looks, she’s glowing because she puts on her Soul makeup daily".....That got me thinking a whole lot about inner beauty. The good news is that just the same way we use our makeup to cover up physical imperfections; we can also use Grace to cover up spiritual imperfections. As humans we are made in His own image, but that doesn't mean we are completely free from all the ugliness that the devil smacks us with. We all sin, whether its a lil white lie or a terrible shameful sin, we all do sin & are all condemned for it. However as abundant as sin is, His Grace is twice as available & the trick is just to know how to access it. Remember there's  no substitute for prayers,worship & Bible study, faith comes by hearing & hearing by the word of God so u have to spend time in His presence to truly get to know Him & receive His grace. A good way to start is by saying a short prayer every morning & night asking for His favor & grace before u jump in & out of your bed, or while u are powdering your face in the morning say a silent prayer in your heart & always have a word of encouragement on your lips. If you find yourself bored & have nothing to do during the day, rather than ping that ex-boyfriend who dumped you 6 months ago & is only using you for sex now, pick up your Bible and read the book of Psalms (my fav), enrich your soul and watch how everything else in your life would start to change.

Alright I have to end this here, but ladies please remember there's nothing more attractive than red lips & faithful hearts *wink*

Love Oby 
(FYI I'm a 1st time writer so please don't judge me, lol)

I didn't want to start this post with my words cos Oby's words were the right way to start. She has said it all Ladies (and guys who read and learnt from this post). I'm blessed with amazing friends, I remind myself of this always. When I got her mail, I remembered that I'd been pushing reading my Psalms for days. I read 5 Psalms daily, I started from Psalm 1 and when I'm done I start all over again. Like I told Oby, just the way I inspire people, the same has to happen to me, people have to inspire me as well and she did. I'll end by saying this, Try your best to be happy always, especially in the midst of a storm when it feels like there's nothing to be happy about, stay positive and happy always cos God is watching, he's not forgotten you, he never will. Put that Soul makeup on daily ladies.

Thanks for  the post Oby, Love you loads baby girl *kisses*

Love Lowla.


  1. Hiffie Garrick8 May 2013 at 00:23

    Wow,truly INSPIRING Oby
    Can't remember the last time I read such down to earth preaching without all the usual condemnation.I read my bible as often as I can (almost daily) but I believe I'l make an effort to increase the number of times.I also try to be positive always but life & people can really stretch you to the limit sometimes.I'm making a pledge now though to make more of an effort so help me God.Because let's face it,I sure want a perfect soul make-up on a daily basis & need to be like that old ever green lovely couple.
    Thanks a million Oby,God bless you


  2. I think its straight and factual! True change actually comes from inside out and until it actually radiates from the inside it can't be felt or communicated. I also believe that if you keep it a habit to wear this "soul makeup", there would come a time when there won't be any difference between the makeup and you. Yes! From a habit to a life style...I'm saying the beauty will stick permanently.

    I'm sure that's what the old man you described sees in her. Surely, everyone of us must want to be described in such a way....its all up to us.

    Straight talk, nobody's preaching.


  3. Good post : even though it seems apply solely to people of Christian faith. But well done :)
    Inner beauty is my major turn on.

  4. Seems to* apply