Friday, 22 March 2013


Its 1.50 am, literally its still Friday night and i'm at home listening to Red Hot Chili Peppers, not in the mood to go out and party like most Lagosians are doing right now. Instead I’m sitting down on a couch, enjoying my music and trying to figure out a lot of things and the one thing that keeps popping in my head is ‘what do I really want’. Honestly Lola, ‘what do you want’?

Now this question doesn't just fall under what I want with or from a guy, coz anytime the question ‘what do women want?’ comes up, it usually fall under what do we want from guys. No! This has to do with Life in general and everything that can possibly sum life up. I'm talking family, finances, men, career, beauty, relationships, friendship, sex and the list goes on.

As a publicist, I do a lot of writing but I have never actually sat down to blog about what I have in my head, and I mean word for word, thought for thought. Ok maybe I did at some point in my life as a kid, Lol. Shout out to the diaries we kept growing up. Haha.

So I have decided to put this out there and I will blog once a week with different topics and experiences all about what we women really want out of life. I’ll share my experiences and thoughts and will also love to share ideas and experiences of every woman out there (if I possibly can lol). So please do not hesitate to share yours with me, you will remain anonymous if you want. And ofcourse I would love to hear from the guys as well, especially in the areas that concern them. Hehehe, I know that will be a lot of fun *wink*. In fact in that area, I would love to have an idea of what guys want to know about what we want so they can stop trying to figure it out or figure us out. Lol

I will start off with the fact that a lot of people, including us women say we (women) are somewhat of a confused bunch.. Sorry but I would say HUMANS in general are a confused bunch so that statement should be corrected. We all get really confused at some point, in fact a lot of times in this life of ours so it’s a Human factor not a Woman factor.

I’ll stop here for now but will be back with a very interesting first official topic.

Send emails with requests, thoughts, experiences and more to with the subject ‘What women want’.

Sweet Dreams all
Love Lowla


  1. I love it!!!! This is great bc I find myself asking this question more often and I find myself confused when I attempt to answer especially with life's events. So... I def look forward to following. I might be ur #1 follower lolz

    1. Awww thanks a lot, i hope you've been enjoying the posts? Thanks again