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How To Have An Orgasm

Hey guys, been a minute since my last post, i am quite excited to get into details of tonight's post. So i spent the day with 2 of my good friends, both medical Doctors and I've been telling them to write a piece for my blog, a message or medical advice to other women out there and after much thought they came up with the topic 'How to have an orgasm'. They said they wouldn't go into much medical details, but break it down for us so we understand certain things better. The post is quite detailed and helps those who do not understand much about this get a clearer meaning to it. This post was written by Dr Busola Aribisala and Dr Ojia Adamolekun. Thanks Ladies. 

Hello people, its your friendly neighborhood doctors here to tell you how to achieve an orgasm. :D 

So how many of you women have actually had an orgasm? You’d be surprised how many women can’t answer this question. Either they have no idea what an orgasm feels like, or what they think is an orgasm actually isn't. 

Quite a large percentage of women have NEVER achieved an orgasm! That’s just sad. Well we're here to fix that. Now 1st we must understand what an orgasm is. Wiki defines an Orgasm as the sudden discharge of accumulated sexual tension during the sexual response cycle, resulting in rhythmic muscular contractions in the pelvic region characterized by sexual pleasure. Long definition but covers all the basics. You should understand that an orgasm is a process, that’s why we use ‘achieve’, you achieve an orgasm, like you achieve a goal after following the steps up to it. Both men and women follow the same steps but men are so much faster than women. 

 An orgasm is a sudden discharge of accumulated sexual tension, now in guys they get turned on really fast. We all know how you can be dancing with a guy and suddenly he’s erect! Just like that Bam! Instant arousal. Now, arousal is basically sexual tension. In women we’re not so lucky, we don’t get wet just from dancing, arousal in women needs to be built up. Arousal in women is much more subtle, you have to appeal to all her senses, mentally and physically. Understand firstly that an orgasm can only be achieved when a woman is totally comfortable with her body, her partner and is relaxed, happy, and excited enough in her mind to allow the release, which an orgasm is. Every woman thinks during sex, guys do not suffer from this affliction, ‘am I doing it right?’ ‘do I look fat?’ hope no weird smells this time?’ did I switch off the gas?’ All kinds of things run through our minds during sex, and this usually kills any kind of excitement or sexual tension we may have built. But when a woman has been wooed she’s already in her happy place mentally so during sex all she’s thinking about are sexual thoughts. Ladies imagine if your significant other came home with a diamond tennis bracelet he just thought you would like! The sex that night would be epic and you all know this, cos all you’d want is to blow his mind. 

 Physically sexual tension is built chiefly by stimulation of erogenous zones, the fastest route is clitoral play, but this doesn't diminish other zones in the slightest. I have very sensitive nipples and can orgasm on nipple play alone, a mild orgasm but an orgasm all the same. It just has to be done right. This brings us to the 2nd point to note, orgasms in women are not all the same, you will not every single time have massive orgasms that leave you shaking like a leaf. In guys, this parts the same all the time, he ejaculates and sperm pops out in spurts. In women, orgasms have different levels from relatively mild to very intense. The upside for me is that women are capable of multiple orgasms! Its very rare in guys.  

I’m going to explain how to achieve an orgasm, now this can be done by yourself or by your partner. If you’re by yourself, its easier to use a vibrator, the ones with a clitoral stimulator attached are the best for this. My first orgasm was with a vibrator actually, but once I understood how I got there, it was easy to replicate the effort with a real person.  If you’re with a partner, lots and lots of foreplay, you have to be seriously turned on. Oral sex works beautifully here, aka good head. Actually fantastic head is best here.  Till you’re nipples erect, vagina dripping wet, the works. If you haven’t gotten to this point, keep at it, if you're alone, you can just put lubricant on the vibe to help it slide in. Direct clitoral stimulation is key, either you focus the vibe on your clit, or your partner focuses attention on it.  You need to build the tension till it feels like you’re going to explode. Now some women may have felt this sensation before and ran from it, moved away or adjusted cos they felt uncomfortable. Another sign is when it feels like you want to pee, this is very common with G-spot stimulation. That explosion is the orgasm. Relaxing is key at this point, which is hard to understand, cos if your doing it right, your whole body feels tight and sensations are at an all time high. 

The peak is the sudden discharge. It has been described to feel like an electric current running through your body. A full blown intense orgasm starts from ‘rhythmic muscular contractions’ in your vagina, that spreads upwards to your womb. You feel actual contractions in your vagina, your partner probably can describe this best to you. If you’re using a vibe you be very sure when it happens, you’ll feel yourself gripping the shaft of the vibe.  So ladies, that’s how you achieve an orgasm :D

Well well, thanks Dr Bussy and Dr Oj for this, i appreciate you both so much 'kisses'. Hope you guys can relate or/& have picked up 1 or 2 points? lol. If you haven't yet had an orgasm, it is something that needs to be worked on, practice makes perfect, lol. 

Below is the link to Dr Ojia Adamolekuns blog, visit to get more insight on a lot more things that need to be known.

Love Lowla


  1. Aka...Good head.....dats d way 4wrd 2 it....no Orgasm...no sex...Finito!......My friend dat has bin married 4 6yrs was asking me if dis orgasm of a tin is real or just porn show.....i told ha its real n dats d fun of it...she felt diply bad n lamented....I wonder wat she ve bin doin wit ha man in bed...poor woman....

  2. ex-okada virgin1 May 2013 at 14:43

    I really count my self lucky.....I had my first orgasm when I waz stil a virgin......d current dat passed thru my body was unexplainable . I talked 2 myself....."now I m a virgin, I m feeling dis way, wat will happen when I do d real koko....but believe me, it wasnt al abt d penetration....lawla ve xplain d whole thing....tanx alot@ Doc....its al abt oral sex...AKA....GOOD HEAD.....I strongly disagree on d vibrator issue. ..MASTURBATION IS A SIN!

    1. God bless u gurl.....vibrator is out of d case

  3. ..Goode read...proper information..

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