Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Fashion Tips 101 (The Foundation)

The idea of looking good turns me on, but those who know me well will tell you that 'being comfortable in whatever she wears is what really turns Lola on', lol. So i guess looking good and being comfortable at the same time is what gets me going good ;-).  Yes, this is bout the very most important aspect in looking good, the part i don't joke with and no other female should. Just like building a house, you need a good foundation for your body before putting anything on and dashing out of the house. No bulges or bunches but instead a smooth line as far as the eyes can see.

As much as i love fashion, i know i can't write a piece as good as the professionals, lol. So I buzzed my cousin who is a fashion designer/stylist and i asked her to write a fashion piece for me, when i got her write up i was filled with so much excitement after reading it. I was watching the Barcelona vs Bayern Munich Champions league semi final (2nd leg) match with a friend when her mail came through, i read some parts out to him and he started laughing. So guys read through as well, you might be saving your girlfriend from a whole lot. Here's what Lami has for you.

Lets start with a little introduction...

Hi my name is Lami and I am a Terry G loving criminal. I graduated from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandizing, Los Angeles, with an Associate of Arts in Fashion Design and a Bachelors of Science in Business Management. I wasted my mothers hard earned money and skipped a lot of my English classes so you will come across a lot of grammar and spelling errors. Spare me the judgement, grab some tea and biscuits, reduce whatever it is you are listening to and let's chat.

Let's admit it, we all have that one friend that ALWAYS looks good, even when she is about to sleep or she is falling down a flight of stairs. Unfortunately that's not me or you but that's about to change.

The first step to looking gone with the wind fabulous? Your Foundation.
You know how the Bible talks about how a house made of paper will get blown away by the devil and burn in hell for all eternity and the house made of Jesus Rocks will rock on forever! Well the same goes for looking THEBOMB.COM (permit the ratchet in me)

Now for those of you that don't know what your style is, I suggest you start taking pictures of things you like and make a mood board of looks. When you go shopping buy things that would fit into this picture.

The Foundation = Your under garments.

Your under garments must never be seen, this means no panty lines or lace bra lines under your t-shirt. For your underwear buy thongs or go commando (aka, don't wear your pant, but be careful with short skirts and dresses) .. Coughs.

If your boobs look like any type of food  Sharawma, moi moi or amala, with the extra scoops on top,  in your bra... you are not wearing the right bra. The look we are going for is fruits; agbalumo, oranges, cantaloupes and  watermelons make the guys hunger for your boobies! (I don't support whore behavior but I don't judge either)

The point is when you wear clothes, you don't want your underwear seams to be seen through your clothes... Okay???

Now if only I took my own advise :s.......


Thanks Lami for this piece, Love you plenty boo. Now read this post again and again ladies, i advice you to let it sink in properly if it hasn't yet. This is an aspect a lot of women take for granted and i must say it is very annoying and irritating to see under garments sticking or popping out from different angles of women's outfits. We've all been guilty of this at some point in our lives (myself included) but we learn and elevate so get to the learning bit. I must however ask this question though; Ladies that go commando, how do you do it? How does it feel? I cant stand the thought of not having any underwear on before leaving my house, even before going to bed sef....except....yea exactly. Lol.

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Love Lowla

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  1. Lol! Love this post ... Dead at the fruits vs food boobage