Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Making the First Move on a Guy

We grew up with the understanding and belief that men must make the first move, society taught us women that not making the first move and playing hard to get was what was best for us so as not to be seen as 'cheap' and 'easy', but does this still work in 2013?

The fact is that some guys do not have the guts to air their feelings, they can gain or lose their confidence depending on the action they get from women. Others appear timid, you give them the green light and they just don't get it. So the question is this, if you meet a guy and you're certain that the feelings or eye contact is mutual but he isn't making a move to get to know you, will you approach him? Another question is do guys like it when women make the first move?

I'll start with the timid guys, the truth is in most cases these guys are not timid. Those good looking guys who flirt with you but never do anything about being with you are not timid or nervous, he's actually playing with your mind and manipulating you. He's that guy who isn't looking for anything serious with you, he's up for that casual fling and he will definitely not mind if you initiate all the moves.

Do guys like women making the moves? Well Yes and No, this all depends on how you make your move. Guys love to do the chasing, it does something to them and believe me I wish I knew where and how it tingles them, lol.

You're probably asking if I've made the first move before, yes I have. In my NYSC camp, there he was, good looking, cute laugh and was also a doctor. I saw him a couple of times and I could swear we had eye contact once or not...Lol. One night I was at mammy market with a few friends having a drink, my friend taps me and says 'Lola see your husband o', he walked past our table and I heard myself count to 3 in my head and I got up and went after him, I tapped him on his shoulder and asked what his name was, he looked at me scared and confused but with a smirk on and asked why I wanted to know his name, I told him I had seen him around and I wanted to know what his name was. He told me his name and I was like 'okay then bye',  he grabbed my wrist and asked what mine was and then asked for my number. What I did was make the first move but leave him to do the work, I wasn't gonna ask for his number, I just wanted him to notice me and it worked, if he never asked for my name or number.......well I don't know how I would have felt because that didn't happen, Lol. He says all the time that he can never get over me stepping up to him, it was a huge turn on for him.

Anyways what I'm trying to say is that there is nothing wrong with women making the first move, just be smart about it, look at it as helping him find his way home, lol. If you like him and he doesn't notice you, you have to help him notice you. Do Not chase him because if he's not interested in you it doesn't mean he's not interested in sleeping with you and if he's not interested in sleeping with you then............

Love Lowla


  1. Nice One Sist. Lola. I had this experience last week never knew this is what it entailed..... Hmmm.....

  2. Lool love dis mama!!