Sunday, 13 October 2013

Wants and Needs...... Life!!!

What is it we want in life? From time to time this question pops up in our heads and at different times its always something different, depending on where we're at in our lives or what's happening at a particular moment. As time goes by we do tend to forget we got what we wanted at a particular time because what we want at this present time seems to be more important and it'll be this way till we are off that phase.

It could be anything. That contract or job you're trying to get, a certain amount of money, that cute guy you have a crush on but you haven't brought yourself to say hi to him, the car you've been dreaming bout getting for months or years....the list goes on and on.

Here's what I have to say and yes you probably hear it everyday or read people tweet bout it or it could be you telling someone else but it doesn't hurt to hear it again and its this......Never give up, keep pushing harder no matter how hard it may seem. Get that proposal together, make it solid and go after that contract or job. Keep working hard, branch out to other fields you're good at and make that money. Put your pride/ego on the table, infact dump it and go say hi to that guy you have a crush on, worst case scenario he won't call you after you give him your number or he won't find you attractive (maybe he's stupid enough to not want to get to know you). Always know that if something isn't for you, no matter how hard you try, you will NOT get it and if you push harder than you're meant to, you'll only get yourself in a terrible and embarrassing situation.

Always have faith, always be grateful, never doubt yourself or what you're capable of doing/getting. Live your life and Love every bit of it.

Love Lowla

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